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New Listing
13A 200 County Crt Blvd
Price $99,000
Municipality:  Brampton
New Listing
6934 Glory Crt
Price $949,000
Bedrooms:  3
Bathrooms:  3
Municipality:  Mississauga
New Listing
55 Colin Ave
Price $4,395,000
Bedrooms:  4+1
Bathrooms:  6
Municipality:  Toronto
New Listing
72 Rotherglen Crt
Price $1,199,000
Bedrooms:  3+1
Bathrooms:  3
Municipality:  Brampton


Avoiding Buyer's Remorse

Many home buyers suffer remorse once the offer has been accepted and the real estate transaction has been launched: there are ways to avoid falling into the home buying remorse trap, and building your confidence so that you know that you've made the right decision.


Home Buying Checklist

There are far too many factors to consider when viewing any property to be able to make adequate mental notes: here is a comprehensive checklist that you should endeavour to fill out in its entirety for any property on which you are seriously considering placing an offer.


How Buying A Car Reduces The Amount Of Mortgage Funding

Few first time home buyers are aware that their obligation to a sizeable vehicle loan payment can actually reduce the amount of money that they are able to qualify for in a mortgage loan by $50,000 or much more.


How Current Market Conditions Can Affect Your Offer Price

What are the differences between a Seller's, Buyer's, and Balanced Market, and what are the various factors you have to consider when you are making that extremely critical determination as to how much you are willing and able to offer for the home of your dreams?


Placing The Right Contingencies In Your Offer

Failing to place the proper contingencies (also referred to as conditions) in an offer can result in massive financial and legal entanglements: these are the questions that you have to ask before finalizing any offer about the various contingencies that can protect you from disaster.


The Process Of Offers & Negotiations

The process of placing an offer can often be convoluted and complex, and the negotiations can be truly exasperating. In cases such as this it is important to keep your emotions at bay, your eye on the prize, and exercise patience and rational common sense.


Syed Raza,BrokerHomeLife/Miracle Realty Ltd. Brokerage

Syed Raza

“Don’t wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait.” -Will Rogers

Yes, it’s a reality; real estate can have great value in someone’s life and it’s the backbone of a country’s economy. As time passes, mostly the real estate value goes up; sometimes, due to recession or during economic stress in a country, the real estate market values dip down a bit, but as soon as that period goes away, the value goes up again. This is usually how the economic cycles work. In the words of Mark Twain, “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore” and Louis Glickman says, “The best investment on earth is earth”

I’ve been in this business for more than twelve years with a proven track record of best service to my clients. A long list of Awards on my website proves it. I work tirelessly and honestly for my valuable & sincere clients in order to help them get a property of their choice, within their affordability, and in their desired area.

Of course, to get a property within their area of choice & not above their budget is always a challenging task but my dedicated efforts and expertise in the Real Estate Market have prevailed each time. Allow me to help you to realise your dreams.

I can Speak English, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi and some Arabic.

Syed Raza Broker
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Syed Raza

Broker HomeLife/Miracle Realty Ltd Brokerage, Brokerage Independently owned and operated. 1339 Matheson Blvd., E, Mississauga, Ontario L4W 1R1 Cell: 416-788-6434Office: 416 788 6434Fax: 905-624-5677